Our Label


Alt. Music Group is a record label and mentoring hub steered by a creative collective of artists and music industry professionals, inspired by the diverse sound and raw talent of Melbourne’s avant-garde music scene. We aim to discover the city’s most promising and passionate artists, guiding them through their musical pursuits and careers.

We work closely with a diverse range of both unearthed and established artists, and are focused on growing and nurturing the community and talented people that occupy our space. Alt. Music Group prides itself on curating a roster and team with the intention of being a supportive platform and space for creatives of diverse backgrounds.

Alt. Music Group is the collective brainchild of Lee Cardan, owner of Sunshine Recorder Studios, and artist and producer Mo and Khaled of the iconic Australian hip-hop act Diafrix. With an emphasis on artist management and development, the group fosters strong relationships between artists and mentors, offering advice and insights into the music industry.

Alt. Music Group has dedicated staff designated to managing signed artists social media, marketing, bookings, promotions, media and PR.

How to Get Signed

Quality advice from artists, producers, and our A&R department on how artists get discovered and signed.